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Space Systems Development

We support DoD projects--small, medium, and large--allowing systems to be designed, upgraded and sustained for three, five, and ten years out. Strong and thorough experience from DoD, government contractors, and agencies. We understand end-to-end product development, test, and certification. 

Development Process

If the project is to be successful, then models must be used to as much as applicable to drive requirements prior to design implementation. Model-based systems engineering is essential so that developers can have a laboratory platform to further development requirements. This prequisite supports necessary design reviews and validation of system requirements. 

Appropriate and sufficient Modeling and Simulation must be performed to validate Capability Based Assessments and to verify system performance and interoperability requirements. 

Technical Design Reviews

Systems Engineering Technical Reviews are part of the systems engineering process and life cycle management. These reviews support design verification and problem solving. They form the technical basis for establishing program definition (cost, schedule, and performance) and operational capability.

Technical reviews that can be employed by the program: System Requirements Review (SRR); System Functional Review (SFR); Software Specification (Requirements) Review (SSR); Preliminary Design Review (PDR); Critical Design Review (CDR); Integration Readiness Review (IRR); Test Readiness Review (TRR); and Product/System Verification Review (SVR).

Software & Hardware Safety

MIL-STD-882, ARP4761, ARP4754, DO-178B, DO-254, MIL-STD-516B, Software Assurance

Test & Certification

Know your requirements or get eaten alive.

 If you cannot successfully test, then you do not have a product. 

Requirements flow-down through design,  integration, test, platform certification, and  flight certification. 

Product Delivery

Mission Success


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